10 subtle signs that tell you are succeeding in life

10 subtle signs that tell you are succeeding in life

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successful businessDo consider yourself successful? Success is relative depending on your way of thinking. This list hopefully expands the meaning of “success” to include so much more than acquiring material wealth or gaining individual freedom. You might already be successful without knowing it!  Here are some tell-tale signs that you’re moving in the right direction. 

1. You have a deep sense of gratitude

You wake up each day feeling thankful for your life. You are appreciative of people around you and simple pleasures you can experience. You focus more on the things that you can be grateful about rather than the things that are lacking in your life or in the people you meet.

2.   You don’t fear the future

You face the future confident that you’re right on track.  This is different from a come-what-may attitude.  You know that there are some things beyond your control, and you do what you have to do with the things within your control.

3.   You’re happy for others’ success

How you react when others get promoted, married, and the like says a lot about you. Do you rejoice when your friends rejoice and mourn when they mourn? Successful people are secure of their own progress and inspired by others’.  Envy is a sure sign that you’re discontent and unappreciative of what you have.

4.  You embrace learning opportunities

Those who succeed in life are open to new ways of thinking. You have a desire to evolve as an individual and refuse to remain fossilized where you are.  You seek to develop your strengths, skills, and knowledge.

5. You’re actively pursuing a goal

You’re aware that some plans may not push through, but you also have goals that you’re steadily pursuing. You stay focused yet flexible when the unexpected happens.

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6.  You don’t waste time

You’re highly motivated and passionate about the things you are doing. You refuse to waste time in meaningless pursuits that don’t contribute to your growth and your goals.

7.   You have a strong support group

People say its lonely at the top. But you’ll never reach the top and stay there without the help of trusted people. You value friends and family who offer good advice. You know who to run to when you’re facing challenging situations.

8.  You don’t spend more than you earn

You have the right perspective about money. You don’t pursue it as an end goal, but you do know that it takes hard work to earn it. You plan financially for your future and know where your priorities lie when it comes to your expenses.

9. You have a strong desire to give back

You’re successful if your success is not self-contained. You don’t bottle up your successes, because you can’t. If you’re experiencing real joy, it can’t help but overflow to others around you.

10. You’re ready for a long-term commitment or to stay single for life

If you’ve reached a certain level of success, you can afford to think about more than your own individual needs. You know that you’re already financially, emotionally, and spiritually stable to commit your life to another person. On the other hand, you can also be secure and content enough to live the rest of your life confidently without a partner.

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