10 unfair advantages that help people succeed

10 unfair advantages that help people succeed

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unfair advantageHaving an unfair advantage will help you open many doors and obtain the desired result faster and even better. Although it might not sound fair to have an ace up your sleeve, such a boost is of utmost importance in a professional environment.

Quora has challenged its users to find one unfair advantage that helps people succeed and found out that a boosted energy, the ability to sleep less and still feel revived, physical attraction and having a great memory are all benefits that lead to a better life.

Sleep is overrated for some

According to Ivan Mazour, CEO and founder of Ometria, one of the best unfair advantages is to find sleep overrated. There are people who can sleep no more than a few hours per night and still feel rested the next day. Mr Mazour offers personalities like Napoleon and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as positive examples, thanks to their limited need for sleep. Since both leaders used to sleep only four hours a night during weekdays, they have 20 hours to take care of both their professional and personal lives.

However, if you are one of the people who cannot function unless they sleep eight hours per night, you can still maximize your productivity if you have a tight schedule. Moreover, if you are in a leadership position, you can delegate some of your tasks to trusted peers or employees.

Nurturing parents

Quora user Michael Wong believes that having nurturing parents is an unfair advantage. According to Mr Wong, it is highly important for a person to be provided with the necessary love and support in order to have a successful career.

Also, studies show that people who are helped by family and friends to get over a drawback or stress are more likely to get back on the horse.

Boost of energy

Quora user Andy Warwick is a strong believer that some people have higher natural levels of energy, while others feel exhausted most of the day. Having more energy means more time to take care of the tasks and hobbies one has without compromising on anything.

People with such an unfair advantage also tend to advance faster through the ranks in the professional environment.

Being born in a rich family

One of the most well-known unfair advantages is to be born in a rich family, Quora user Joe Wezorek believes. According to a chart presented my Mr Wezorek, being born in an American family with an income in the top 20 per cent means that you are ten times more likely to be part of the top 20 per cent yourself.

Burst with optimism

Marketer Sondra Webber is a strong believer that optimism is an unfair advantage. She reiterates one of Woody Allen’s quotes “80 per cent of success is just showing up” and agrees with studies which show that people who are more optimistic are also more successful and happier.

Optimistic people tend to believe more in themselves and make it happen, regardless of the difficulty they are facing.

Remaining slim after eating for two

Mentor and counsellor Sanjay Nandan Ias believes that people who remain slim after indulging in more calories than normal have a clear unfair advantage. A high metabolism is a benefit, because people who have been gifted with such a digestion system do not have to worry about the food they eat or schedule two days of gym after eating a slice of cake.

Ultimately, being naturally slim no matter what is a huge relief, because counting calories and refusing a treat can damage self-esteem.

Physical attractiveness

Plysical attractiveness is an unfair advantage which walks hand in hand with the high metabolism. Both people who remain slim regardless of appetite and those with clear perks thanks to their physical attractiveness have a better and easier life. Quora user Peter Havas agrees with the multitude of studies which show that being attractive helps you earn more money, because it has been concluded that people trust beautiful persons more.

However, even if physical attractiveness is not one of your benefits, you can always impress with an impeccable hygiene and an appropriate dress code.

Great memory

Another Quora user, Tushar Mahule believes that having great memory is definitely an unfair advantage. He states that memory affects a lot of aspects such as professional and person life, but also self-belief and efficiency.

As Joshua Foer, freelance journalist states, “our lives are the sum of our memory.”

Ability to resist temptation

Kyle Pennell, a Quora user is certain that the ability to resist temptation is an unfair advantage because people who can delay gratification can also control their impulses and emotions and become successful sooner than others.

However, if you consider that, try as you might you cannot resist temptation, it is better to identify the exact distractions that hold you back.


According to Quora user Genevieve Gonnigan, the quality which immediately disarms people and influences them to lean in your favour is innate. She is a strong believer that a charming person holds the reins of a situation and leaves the others unable to say “no” to him or her. Charm goes beyond looks, language, race or any other barrier and it cannot be faked. Either you have it or you don’t.

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