10 Things you should have done this weekend

10 Things you should have done this weekend

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things to do weekendWhat exactly did you accomplish over the weekend?  We usually equate the weekend as time to party or bum around, but there are other options for relaxing activities that are also productive.  Here’s what you can do that will help you maximize your Saturdays and Sundays:


What happened the previous week?  Are there some things you could have done differently? Were there new things you learned? Writing down your reflections is a journal clears your mind from the whole week’s worries and prepares you for a better week ahead.


Arrange your schedule for the next week and prepare your to-do list. Break down huge goals into “micro-goals” that you’ll have to accomplish the next week.  This is especially helpful, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed about your activities.


Exercise keeps you alert and active and ready to tackle the next week. If boxing or muay thai seems too  strenuous for you, try something more relaxing like a beginner’s class in yoga. In the warmer months, get some fresh air and go cycling or running. You can even do these activities with a buddy or group of friends, so you can build relationships at the same time.

Spend time with your loved ones

Make time for family and friends. This is especially important for those who don’t spend much time with their loved ones during the week. Remember that time is one of the most precious gifts you can give someone – you can’t return it and you can’t bring it back.

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You won’t always have the time or resources to go on trips or meet people. Reading affords you these luxuries without requiring you to get out of bed. It’s also a great way to relax and slow down after a hectic work week.

Go on an excursion

Perhaps you dont have the time to book the tickets for your next big vacation to Spain or France but that shouldn’t hinder you from exploring places near-by, especially since it can be accomplished without much effort. Pack your bags and get away from the mundane lifestyle even if it’s for a day. You could visit the country-side, a winery, a beach or a camping spot. A quick break from your immediate environment will recharge you in ways you couldn’t imagine.


Volunteering can give you an outlet to do the things you want actually to do. For instance, you may have always dreamed of being a teacher, but you ended up as an accountant. You can volunteer for organizations that teach out-of-school youth. Not only will you get the much-needed balance in your life, you will also contribute to a good cause.

Do your chores

Do the laundry, clean the bathroom, arrange your closet – get those chores out of the way before you start the next week.


Disconnecting for a while can be liberating. Resist opening your social media accounts if your only purpose is to lurk or stalk. Use the weekend for more productive activities you can enjoy.

Learn a new skill

Attend a seminar or pursue a hobby. You can do something that’s connected to your work and improve your skills while having fun. But you can also do something totally random that you think you can enjoy, like pottery or Aikido classes.

Go to bed early

The weekend is your chance to catch up on sleep. Avoid late nights that only stress and exhaust you.

If you didn’t do these things over the weekend, try doing them next weekend and you’ll feel much better.

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