30 Things That Change in Your Thirties

30 Things That Change in Your Thirties

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things change after 30Turning 30 is a huge milestone for anyone. It’s a crucial turning point in life, a time when lessons from your 20s are abundant and when you have the chance to put those takeaways to good use. You’ll start seeing changes, too, from the physical level to the emotional aspect. Below, we list some of the most commonly observed changes that happen in your thirties.

1. Responsibility kicking in. You’d rather stay in on a Friday night to clean your room and feed your cat than go out to party.

2. Metabolism slowing down. You can no longer binge eat because you just know the food’s going straight to your hips.

3. Wellness becoming a big deal. It’s not just about working out now; it’s also about eating right and having a good state of mind.

4. Leaving parties at 10 p.m. That’s about the same time the real party actually begins.

5. Drinking fine wine. Now that you can afford more than just the local beer, you enjoy sipping on chardonnay and sauvignon.

6. Hangovers make you want to die. Your hangovers drag on for an entire day, and you’re completely powerless as you regret the choices you made the night before.

7. Hiring a cleaner or spending more time cleaning. That is if you even have the energy.

8. Getting an accountant. You’re taking your money more seriously now, and you know you need an expert’s help.

9. You now understand superannuation funds, which means you’re thinking way ahead up to retirement.

10. You’re done fooling around. You’re now seriously considering exclusively dating someone, plus your expectations are a bit more realistic.

11. Friends will be getting engaged, married, or divorced. Oh and there will be more baby pictures on your feed, too.

12. Having a wardrobe makeover. You just feel too old for crop tops and tight jeans.

13. Feeling the after-effects of your 20s. All the smoking, drinking, and unhealthy eating are now taking their toll on you.

14. Being more honest. If you can’t deal with a person, you go ahead and say it because you’d rather not waste your time on toxic people.

15. Dusting yourself off and trying again. No more sulking and whining; you know you’re better than that.

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16. Acquiring better taste. You have better furniture, and you know what to order at a fancy restaurant.

17. Having a specialty dish. By this time, you must have mastered at least one dish that you’ll be proud to serve to guests.

18. No longer the corporate slave. It’s either you’re the big boss, or you’re well on your way to becoming one.

19. Getting along with your parents. They still badger you about your life plans, but you know how to better respond now than just the usual shrug.

20. Actually genuinely missing your siblings. You often find yourself looking back at your childhood and wishing you can all spend some bonding time together.

21. Having a smaller set of friends. You’ve weeded out those who don’t really matter, and you don’t feel the need to please everyone anymore.

22. Having more confidence. This goes for everything—how you look, what you do, and how you think.

23. Being more fearless. You’ve been there; you’ve done that. It will take more than a bit of change to scare you.

24. Choosing practical over cool. There’s a new fad? You’d rather consider your needs than give in to a fleeting and shallow indicator of social status.

25. Always doing something. You can’t stand not being productive, so you keep yourself busy all the time with even the most mundane tasks.

26. Loving the silence. Clubbing? No thanks! You’d rather laze about on your couch because that’s where the real party is at.

27. People asking for your opinion. That’s because you know more now, and you’re apparently full of wisdom and bright ideas.

28. You don’t care about age. It’s just a number really, and you can’t wait to turn 40!

29. Knowing what you what. No more wandering for you! You’ve finally figured it out, and you’re leaving your chaotic 20s behind.

30. Knowing who you are. You’re pretty sure about yourself, your wants, your needs, and your potential. Congratulations!

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