5 best apps for money management

5 best apps for money management

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Nowadays, the easiest way to tell the difference between a child’s phone and an adult’s is by looking at the downloaded apps. While children have a wide collection of games, adults can’t get enough of money management apps.

Money management apps allow users to track their expenses, help them pay bills or monitor transactions and alert them when bills must be paid or when the budget is exceeded. However, there are three important areas which offer the best apps for money management, namely budget register, bills and debt.

Budget register tells you the amount of money you have in your account and you can choose between the banks’ cheque-deposit app or any other apps that can help you monitor your credit card.

Keeping track of bills is as important as checking how much money you have in your account, therefore an app that keeps you updated about bill deadlines is a must. However, if the app of your choice can help you pay the bill directly from your phone or it can store receipts, you will never have to worry about dealing with your finances ever again.
If you want to reduce your debts, you need an app that will motivate you to be serious about this matter. Therefore, you need to have all your balances in the same place and choose both the payoff method and which debt to put the extra money in.

Mint is probably the best app for money management, according to most specialty websites and customer reviews. It allows you to see how much money you are spending by linking your credit cards and bank accounts and offers you an overview.
This app enables you to set up budgets for different categories like shopping, fees, bills etc. and it can also notify you when a limit or deadline is approaching. It will alert you if you are going over the budget, if balances are low or if there are upcoming bills.
Moreover, Mint was named Mac App Store’s best app of 2012, so there are plenty of expectations when downloading this money management app.

If you want an all-in-one financial organizer, Manilla is the go-to app which will put all your credit cards, accounts, even magazine subscriptions in one place. It can also make customised accounts for cleaning service or rent, so that you will never have to worry about these kinds of problems.
Manilla will also send you reminders for bill payments and it can even monitor the travel reward points. With this app, you can skip the tons of paperwork and manage all your financial issues.

If you enjoy travelling but you do not like what happens after crossing the line beneath your beautiful vacation, Toshl is for you. It is an excellent budget and expense tracker and it works no matter the currency you are using. The best part is that it can separate the travel budget from the daily expenses, thus helping you to plan a getaway without ruining your monthly budget. What’s more, this app can be synced across all the devices, so you can keep up with expenses no matter the gadget you have within reach.

BUDGT is a great app for money management if you don’t want to give away information regarding your bank accounts and it doesn’t even ask for login information. All you need to do is enter the income you have or the amount of money you want to budget. Then you must add daily and monthly expenses and the app keeps track of your money. As simple as ABC!

If CNN Money called this app the ‘Cadillac’ among all money management apps, we should take Pageonce into consideration when we want to connect all accounts into one system. You can track everything using Pageonce, from bank accounts and loans to travel reward programs and cell phone minutes.
This app allows you to see your overall financial health and you can even choose the optional feature that helps you to pay the mobile bill for a minimal fee.