7 Things to cross off your checklist on Friday evening

7 Things to cross off your checklist on Friday evening

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friday checklistEveryone wants a relaxing weekend. But it just won’t happen if you’re swamped with stressors and obligations.  The ideal schedule is to get all things done before Friday night, so you’ll be ready for the weekend. Here are some things you can do before Saturday and Sunday rolls in:

Make sure that all the office work is done

The biggest hassle to a beautiful Saturday or Sunday is work.  Pending projects, deadlines that aren’t met, leftover tasks…all these are guaranteed to spoil your weekend. Before you even get out of your office chair on Friday, try your best to accomplish all tasks before the next work week.

Pay your bills

Before you even think about partying or shopping or spending any money, pay everyone and everything that needs to get paid.  If you don’t set your priorities straight, you might be sorry for spending all your money on things that could have waited until later.  To ensure that you don’t have any pending bills to pay, track all your expenses using a daily organizer or a smartphone app.

Answer all emails and other messages

If you’ve got email, fax, or SMS that still hasn’t been replied to, then stop procrastinating and start replying.  You don’t want to be stressed out during the weekend and the next week just because you neglected to send that important fax or reply to an email request.  Checking multiple messages is not the most pleasurabletask, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do if you want to chill during the weekend.

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Clean your desk and desktop

Nobody wants to start their Monday with a messy table and cluttered desktop. Throw away those scratchpapers and clean all other work table mess. Then do yourself a favor and download a program like CC Cleaner to clean out your PC’s temporary files, cookies, recycle bin, etc.  You’ll have a clearer mind once your workweek starts.

Read a book

Read something that could restore your spirits during the hectic work week or something that could motivate you to get moving. It would be great if you could read one book per week. But if you’re too busy, you can read a few chapters per week until you finish the whole book.  Reaching your reading goal for the week will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Spend time with people you love

Weekends don’t have to be your only time for the most important people in your life. You can schedule dinner with a loved one during a weekday. Talking to someone you can relax with is a great way to recuperate after a long day at work.

Take a bubble bath

Sore muscles, tired feet, aching neck…all these are the after effects of a long and tiring week. Give yourself some love and skip the shower for the bath tub.  Soak your body in the warm water filled with scented bath salts (lavender is a good choice) while listening to relaxing music (like Sting, Norah Jones, or Ella Fitzgerald).

Try accomplishing all of these, and you’ll be ready for the weekend ahead.

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