7 Setbacks everyone must experience in a lifetime

7 Setbacks everyone must experience in a lifetime

0 Reads  Author: Gaby Lim

setbackMany of us accept that failure is part of our journey to success. But there are still those who crumble in the face of failure. The difference between people who fail and are defeated and people who fail yet succeed is a matter of perspective. You may be broken and crushed, but you are not defeated. In fact, setbacks in life can actually be viewed as set-ups to great breakthroughs in your life. Here are some setbacks that you should actually be grateful for:

Losing friends

There’s a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Then there’s the fairweather type of friend who’s only there when things are all rosy for you.  If there are friends who leave you for some reason, it’s the best time to reflect.  Are they real friends you can depend on? Or maybe there are some character traits you have that you need to adjust. Whichever way, real friends will choose to be there for you no matter what happens.

Financial challenges

The problem with being rich is that you tend to take your wealth for granted.  “Money doesn’t grow on trees” is a saying that resonates much with people who work hard to earn. But those who have been born with a silver spoon in their mouths may not exactly identify with it.  If you’re used to the good life, try volunteering with organizations that focus on poverty alleviation. Or talk to the common worker who has to work more than eight hours in order to put food on his table. You’ll be more grateful with what you have.

Negative feedback

Positive feedback makes you swell with pride; criticism reminds you to put both feet on the ground. When you’re faced with negative feedback, take it as an opportunity to learn and improve. If you can’t do anything wrong, chances are, you’re hanging out with a crowd that can’t challenge your capabilities.

Not knowing what to do

When you’re still in that crossroads of making a decision and success isn’t quite sure, that’s when the courage to take a step forward comes in. It’s easy to decide when your success is sure. But it takes a lot of heart and wisdom to make up your mind when the decision involves taking a step of faith. When this happens, take a risk and decide.

Making the wrong decision

There are a lot of lessons to be gleaned when you make the wrong decision. Can you move forward even if you make a mistake? Are you humble enough to apologize when people are hurt by your decision? Can you accept forgiveness from others and forgive yourself when things go awry? Can you make the necessary adjustments to change whatever went wrong?


This is the feeling that creeps up when you’re already complacent about where you are.   If you’ve been too long in your comfort zone, you’re not progressing. Restlessness is a good indicator that it’s time to get a move on.

Lack of appreciation

Do you whine that people don’t appreciate you? Instead of complaining, try doing things because you like doing them and not because you’re getting praised for it. People need to be appreciated, but if you’re always looking for external validation, it may already be a sign of insecurity.