How to start your day like Tony Robbins

How to start your day like Tony Robbins

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morning like tony robbinsTony Robbins insists that he is no different from anyone else. However, he went from almost rags to riches after which he became possibly the world’s greatest motivational speaker. His secret lies in biochemistry and the way the body engages with the mind.

The author of bestseller Awaken the Giant Within was not always a spiritual person. Now Robbins strongly believes that gratitude is the center of well-being. He is a man who experienced weight gain and a pituitary tumor and was reborn once his health improved, both physically and mentally. He strongly believes that books is first envisioned and then put into practice.

Tony Robbins’ thinking is not unique and Stephen Covey, an American keynote speaker testifies that you have to believe in your ideal life and only then will it come true. “All things are created twice; first mentally; then physically. They key to creativity is to begin with the end in mind, with a vision and a blue print of the desired result” Covey advises us.

However, if starting your day like Tony Robbins is what you want, know that one of his best books, Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement contains the author’s remedy for a rough day, i.e. the approach he used when he was spiritually and physically poor and how he managed to sketch his perfect day and make it a reality.

An ideal day ultimately depends on what Tony Robbins calls 15 Minutes of Fulfillment.

Truly wake up

There are days when you wake up because you know you must go to work, but the activity itself is almost an automatism. In order to work, your brain needs you to acknowledge its presence the moment you wake up. This means that you must awaken your brain before waking up your body.

Have five minutes for you and think about your life and feelings. If you went to bed angry, there is a big possibility to wake up with the same feeling, which will reflect not only in the quality of your day, but also in the quality of your life. Analyze your emotions and try to soften your thoughts; if stress got the best of you, try exercising for at least five minutes. A warm-up walk or a light jog will train your body and change its state; this way, you will be able to handle the day no matter how hard it may be.

Appreciate your life

The central word in Tony Robbins’ life is gratitude. After his brain is awake, he starts thinking about his changed life, what triggered the change and how he kept it alive. Changing your mood is a must if you want to be able to say ‘thank you’ either mentally or out loud.

Start an exercise that he likes to name the “Emotional Flood”. Think of ten things that changed your life and for which you are grateful. Spend the next five minutes thinking about the good things that happened in your life and the people who helped you. How you want to do it is up to you: write it down, say it out loud or simply close your eyes and picture the things you are grateful for.

The outcome should be the following: after you’ve taken inventory of what makes you feel grateful, stop thinking about your expectations and focus on appreciation. As long as you appreciate your day and the people who surround you, you should notice a positive change.

Activate positivism

The brain’s attention center, also known as reticular activating system (RAS) can be taught to obtain all the things you wish for. After physical exercise and gratitude, take 15 minutes to meditate on what is wrong in your life and what you are not satisfied with. If you wish a certain situation had a different result, picture it in detail and develop a habit of saying your mantra out loud.

Robbins believes that the most powerful mantras are “All I need is within me now” and “I’m happy”. The key is to repeat those words until you believe them. Utter them with your eyes closed and open them only after you’re convinced that you have the power to change what is wrong in your life.

You feel lighter.

Now you are ready to start your day and be the person you want to be, but remember that your ideal day may be different from Tony Robbins’. There are no magic slippers and no genies, just your inner power. Ask yourself:

“What people would be involved? What would you do? How would you begin? Where would you begin? Do it from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep. What kind of environment would you be in? How would you feel when you climbed into bed at the end of a perfect day?”