Why the world is going ‘virtual’

Why the world is going ‘virtual’

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Goro Gupta talks about the importance of lifestyle design in the work culture.

By virtual I am not referring to wearable tech, or anything else that’s going ‘virtual’.  In fact I am talking about something we do for at least 8 hours a day – our Jobs!

The 4 hour work week (by Tim Ferriss) spawned a mini revolution. An increasing number of people realised that while they needed to work more than 4 hours a week, they could (and in some cases, did) structure some sort of temporary or permanent work agreement.

Instead of chasing more money, Lifestyle Design is the name of the game most employees are trying to play. But how do you really achieve this?

I believe there are eleven key skills in virtualising staff. This is an important read whether you are a manager, CEO or even the employee, because if you choose not to get onto the trend- your competitor certainly will.

Studies have revealed that if you don’t setup your employees for lifestyle design (unless you have a Google like approach to employment (a la chic family), they will either burn out, not perform to task or just go elsewhere – neither of which are preferred options.

So what is the solution?

Simply become a leader in your industry while you still have the chance.

Anthony Robbins, at his business seminars, often mentions an example of his own companies, where he has virtualised his entire sales team with blazing success. Sales teams are often the hardest to virtualise. Yet, if done correctly it can truly lead to amazing results including 50 per cent-200 per cent increase in sales.

But why go ‘virtual’ in your business or convince your boss to implement it? Simple- you will get MORE work done.

One of the companies I work with has enabled this, and as we speak, I write this article on a sunny day next to the beach in surfers paradise.

It’s a proven and documented fact that we get very little work done in any given workday in Australia, and not just Fridays. If you just took into consideration the amount of time spent commuting alone, you would realise that the average Australian would save over 2 hours a day (about 3+ hours if you live in Sydney).

Besides the time lost on the commute, our productive time is often spent around the espresso machine gossiping about the boss’ latest car, home or girlfriend.

These are moments you will never get back again – as Tyler Durden said in fight club:

‘This is your life, and it’s ending… once second at a time.’

Sure there are other distractions at home such as yelling kids, the bed and of course, day time television. However, distractions at home are easier to handle than unnecessary office gossip and lost time on the commute.

The key to a successful remote work agreement aka going ‘virtual’ is an agreement where both parties aspire to give in their best.

In my opinion, there are 11 specific steps- if followed it can create a better lifestyle for managers, lower costs to the company and massively increase productivity in almost ANY business, especially those involving telecommunication or business to business sales.

What are these steps? Like any good TV show – Stay tuned to read the sequel to this article to be published soon.

Click Here to read the sequel to this article

Goro Gupta is a leading lifestyle design coach, 21st Centurys Platinum success coach and a qualified life coach and mortgage broker.

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